Special Education Services


Each school district must have a committee appointed by the Board of Education to identify children in need of special education and recommend appropriate services for them. The Committee on Special Education must include a school psychologist, teacher or administrator of special education, and a parent of a special education child residing in the District who is not an employee of the District. The Committee on Pre-School Special Education (C.P.S.E.) administers the evaluation and appropriate services for children ages 3-5 years old.

The District offers many levels of services to its students. We first seek to assist students through building level interventions and support. We believe all students should be given the opportunity to access the general education curriculum with supports before being evaluated for special education.

The largest responsibility of the department is to oversee the educational needs of students with disabilities. The identification of students with disabilities and the planning for appropriate services to meet those needs involves many people. Parents must give permission for their child to be evaluated to determine the presence of a disability.

Any parent who suspects that their child has an educational disability has the right to refer their child to the C.S.E. All concerns should be expressed in writing to the Committee on Special Education.